The building bears the traits of its builder. The materials, the colour scheme and the proportions reflect their extravagance or discipline. The three-dimensional shapes and problem solving serve the reason the buildings construction was decided upon.

Our services from idea to realization:

  • Professional consultation in choosing a property
  • Preliminary assessment of maximum rate of development, zoning regulations and utility services.
  • Measuring and documentation of lands and properties.
  • Draft preparation for licensing and consultation.
  • Preparation of project plans and execution of licensing through the ÉTDR system.
  • Building-, licensing-, structural-, electrical- and mechanical plans.
  • Calculation of construction costs and tender support.
  • Administration from tendering to contracts.
  • Written and visual documentation of the construction process. Technical management and inspection.
  • Client representation in warranty cases.
  • Registry of real estate, monitoring changes in a computer model